Do you recognise if any of these statements?

I continually criticize myself for being inadequate.

I’m a people pleaser and have no identity of my own.

I feel like I really don’t know what I want.

I’m driven to be a super achiever.

I avoid conflict at all cost.

I don’t know how to resolve conflicts with others. I either overpower my opponent or completely withdraw from them.

I have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility. It is easier for me to be concerned with another than with myself.

I hate being alone and I’ll do almost anything to avoid it.

My most profound fear is the fear of abandonment and I’ll do anything to hold on to a relationship.I don’t really know who I am. I’m not sure what my values are or what I think about things.


Well firstly, I want to acknowledge you for being honest. The fact that you find yourself here reading this page tells me that you are here because you feel on a deeper level a calling to connect to your inner child and heal.

Your inner child is the core childlike aspect of you, s/he is innocent, curious and creative. When s/he is wounded however, you experience and struggle with anxiety, depression, addictions, self-sabotage, resentments and disempowering beliefs

The behaviours signal that you have neglected and forgotten him/her. The longer you keep this superpower locked up within, the more his/her energy gets transmuted into the shadow side of you.

It's through healing your inner child that you truly connect to your soul, and shall find your purpose. Sadly, many miss out on how healing him/her brings new energy and blessings such as connection, creativity, compassion, curiosity, playfulness, joy, and calmness.

Why Inner Child Work?

It goes directly to the root of your pain.

It empowers you to face and feel the root cause of your pain.

It opens the doorway to experience life through new bright and fresh eyes.

Who is this workbook course for?

Courageous, honest, and dedicated seekers of inner truth.

Seekers willing to be brutally honest and revisit past hurts.

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Inner Child Diary - Limited Offer

Know Yourself - Heal Yourself

The Inner Child Diary course is a gentle but comprehensive spiritual tool designed to help you reconnect and awaken to yourself and your beauty.

The answers you seek lie within.

You’ve been guided to begin this online workbook course because your soul is ready for further spiritual growth. Building a loving relationship with yourself though connecting and understanding your inner child will help you tremendously to really begin living a life that is in alignment with your truth.


My personal experience with online learning has been good, though a large number of courses there is a lack of "live" support.

It's not that I was looking for a teacher but having someone to interact with during an online course I find valuable.

Having the opportunity to share about what's coming up whilst working through a course, is important to me.

At the school of Inner Growth, I provide a safe and nonjudgemental space to interact with me, a coach who cares and understands you.

I believe this can help provide deeper learnings and insights.

I know this because the real value of coaching lies in the process of uncovering and de-layering. It helps you identify the essence of what is preventing you from truly living your truth. It's a difficult process to do alone because we all have blind spots. Blind spots are what we have come to "not see" about ourselves. Yet a coach can help you to see yourself in new ways, which an online course without that added support alone cannot.

It is for this very reason, I decided to create Rachel-g School of Inner Growth. An online learning environment with a personal coach on demand to help you as you move through the course.

If you decide you want to work further with me in one on one coaching, sessions, you will receive a 10% discount on all coaching packages.

As your personal coach, I am here for you.

✨I offer a scared space to be a sounding board and I'm curious, not judgemental.

✨ I help you move out of your comfort zone, clear blockages through a shift in thinking and create new energy and momentum to move forward.

✨ I hold you accountable to increase your likelihood of success with what you desire.

✨ I help you go that extra mile because we all need someone who will cheer us on and encourage us, right?

The intention of each coaching session is to help you uncover more of who you are and your truth. Becoming clearer on root causes that stop you from living in your truth fully.